One Second is a type—graphic inspired apparel brand & store that collaborates with contemporary artists & designers, to release limited edition clothing & objects.


The brand concept comes from the 3(III, three ones) basic elements that conforms the business I) the design, II) the garment and III) the customer. Heavily rooted in the border of US and Mexico, with its unique culture embedded into the brand, this is also resemble into the 3 elements concept – 1 culture, 2 countries. Our design approach is taken from ideas emphasized in messages that connects with our I) soul, II) mind and III) body, elements that makes us human beings. Three ones, One/S or One/2, One Second, I:II – It all comes to the only real luxury, time.


Designed in Texas, USA
by Aaron R. DOMA
A—DOMA® Brand.


EMAIL: contact@111wear.com





1:11 / One Second (TI:IIIE©)
The simple-aesthetic collection, beautifully branded essentials, typography aficionado, explorer of different mediums to graphically communicate. Sometimes it comes with a humor, good or bad. / Symbol Biometrics — A god-like energy made of simple contemporary garments and objects for everyday living. Inmortal.


The creative-mind collection, it feeds from quick ideas, emotions, states of minds. it likes to give motivation by handwriting and tagging it everywhere, also it always has ink and paper around. / Symbol Biometrics — A mind made of ideas and knowledge. Alive depending on hearth.


The happy-life collection, super relaxed and artistic, it is whatever you do that makes you happy. Comes in many forms and shapes, it’s the only light you will see in the dark and it’s egocentric. / Symbol Biometrics — A happy emotion made of own experience. Feels alive.


The light-ghost collection, Super friendly but the only “thing” is that when it shows up it’s only for one second and it likes to appear in a spectrum of colors. / Symbol Biometrics — A soul and a ghost made of pixels. Considered a life after dead with unfinished business.


The bone-head collection, stronger than steel. Nothing can kill it because is not alive, but it lives in a universe full of nothingness and color-ful stars. /  Symbol Biometrics — A skull made of steel material. Not dead never alive.





Short Sleeves — Next Level 3600 / Bella + Canvas 3001

Sweatshirt — Cotton Heritage M2480

Hoodie — Cotton Heritage M2580

Dad Hat — Yupoong 6245CM

Five Panel Cap — Yupoong 7005

Snapback Hat — Yupoong 6089M

Cuffed Beanie — Yupoong 1501KC





Direct To Garment (DTG) printing





An order fulfillment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made. Print-on-demand drop shipping delivery time is based on fulfillment time + shipping time. Printful automatically sends your orders to the nearest fulfillment center where the items are produced in 2–5 business days.